Our Minds are our Thoughts and Our Life

Thoughts Are our Life

Quite simply put, what we think is what we attract to ourselves- almost with no exception to this rule! In fact- let’s go one step further- what we ‘know’ so firmly, is brought to us in truth and clarity with tangibility.

Thoughts are our Life and Return

I know it is for some reason, easy for us when we are down or depressed to think of the worst, because it takes less work and effort than that required to be positive and put a positive spin on things.

However, when we apply the teachings of past mind masters, and learn about pure thought and mental process, we are able to become deeply appreciative and see through clear.

Let me explain further…

I have demonstrated to myself on numerous occasions, that when I not only believe, through deep visualisation, but actually have formed a deep specific view and knowledge that something will turn out a certain way, processes are put into force in the ether to bring it about and so occur.

This may seem very unusual to the casual reader who has not read of this phenomenon before, but it can certainly be proven to be very effective, not only for me but for many before me too.

Forget About Passwords for Multiple Sites

DashLane Password Security

It may seem strange to use a title about forgetting about passwords on a mind improvement site, but I feel this is an important topic to consider.

Dashlane security password

These days, our lives are so digital, so to speak and being safe online is imperative. I have found that when I know my passwords are safely managed, I can relax and be more present on my mind and personal development work.

It is thus that I am talking about Dashlane Password Manager. Effectively, I was once hacked- really badly and all my work for six months was lost while I rebuilt everything. However, when I rebuilt, I made sure that I learned from my lesson.

I made sure that I always use a different password for each site and that the passwords were decent ones, less likely to be guessed and used wrongly.

No, I am not putting out a challenge to hackers out there. There are plenty of people out there trying it on all the time, so no encouragement there.

However, I know that I was once caught out and that many people use a similar password in each site simply as it is easier to remember.

This is a terrible idea, however, and since I have been using Dashlane password manager, I have been able to rest easy knowing my passwords are good and that I can relax and concentrate on my energies on my website’s development and product development, etc.

I can work on new ideas and not worry about people breaking into my sites or entities as the passwords are locked down hard. This is the reason I promote Dashlane Password Security so much as I am so happy with the program.

For all the people who purchase through my link above, you will gain 6 months of free use which is an excellent deal. Once you see how well this program works, you will be hooked. You can have the program set up on as many devices as you want and can store unlimited passwords which are an essential part of modern-day living in our connected digital world.

Subconscious Programming

Belief Struct

Subconscious programming is a subject I speak of often, given that is is the bedrock of our belief system, and the way we feel about ourselves, and consequently, that which we attract to ourselves.

Luck and the Mind

Put another way, we are able to influence the way our lives are and the way we attract things to ourselves- both positive and negative, based on the way we speak and feel as well as think of ourselves. Taking this step a little further, when we know that we are special and capable, we are able to attract more good things to ourselves. This includes what others often refer to as luck.

It is absolutely up to us to make sure that we are always reading, learning and studying in the sphere of personal development. Ultimately, we are only as good as the books, reports and studies that we read and the people that we spend time with.

Who are you spending time with to make sure you are at your very best?

I encourage you to always be looking at new material for personal development as my study and learnings have brought me to the point I am, after many years of research. It did not happen over night and is unlikely to for anyone else.

I invite you to look through our list of reports and see what tickles your fancy to start or continue on this journey of self discovery.

The Feel Good and Teach Yourself Luck Program is available here.

A Lifetime of Research from James Coyle on Learning Remote Hypnosis

Remote Hypnosis

I was very happy to have the opportunity to get my hands on this report on Remote Hypnosis from James.

I have included his letter below for your reference:

Hi Friends,

As I’m getting older (will be 77 soon) and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be around I decided to take several client’s suggestions and compile all my lifetime of research material into “Legacy” packs.  During the process of compiling it all, I discovered a “Remote Hypnosis” program that I had forgotten all about. (More about this shortly).

Luck and the Mind

This material will be valid for your children and grandchildren 20 years from now and I’m going to suggest something that I’ve never suggested before…….  I’m going to suggest after you purchase your pack you copy it to CD (Maybe make a simple cover with ‘James Coyle Legacy Pack #1’ on it) and give it away to family and friends as possibly valuable gifts. (Could save you $100 or more in the cost of birthday, anniversary and Xmas gifts).

The reason for this is that I don’t want this info to fade away into oblivion….  I want to improve the quality of people’s lives! After all it’s taken me 30+ years of research! The Remote Hypnosis Program is available from our site here.