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Bethaney and I have been following the work of James Francis Coyle for a number of years now and have been privileged to read and study many of his reports over the years.

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James Coyle’s Reports are Available Here

We have both learned so much and honed our skills in personal development, thought and the laws of Attraction and are very grateful to be able to offer this knowledge to our readers and clients, through these pages and the shop page.

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Our Blog is available here, with regular updates and articles of interest in the mental Research sphere.

These reports have been licensed to us to resell and are available on this site, as well as new reports of our own as well.

These reports are being progressively added as we develop this site and invite you to check out our Shop page. In addition, we are writing a regular blog page.

DashLane Password Security
It may seem strange to use a title about forgetting about passwords on a mind improvement site, but I feel
Belief Struct
Subconscious programming is a subject I speak of often, given that is is the bedrock of our belief system, and
Remote Hypnosis
I was very happy to have the opportunity to get my hands on this report on Remote Hypnosis from James.
Luck and the Mind
I am delighted to have managed to get our first program online and available for download. This is the Universal