COVID-19 Our Response and Your Position

COVID-2019 is certainly a time of reflection and concern for us all. Regardless of your background, work position, life experience, we have all been affected and will continue to be affected for quite some time in the near future.

For some of us, this may mean we are working from home if we are fortunate to still be employed, and in jobs where we can actually work from home.

Others may have been put on furlough and yet others again may have been made redundant or simply laid off.

We are Thinking of You and Know We Will All Get Through This

Our hearts are with you and we are thinking of you. During this time, we all need to be kind to each other, take our time and not be hurried, pushing and shoving when in shops, etc.

If you need help, please be open to asking for it, rather than suffering alone or feeling like things are hopeless.

I can assure you that there is help if you ask, and there is also a time when this will all pass.

It is better to be smart, measured, and take our time, rather than go into panic mode.

As one person mentioned to me, when we all, as of March 27th, 2020, recognize that we need to isolate where possible, we will find that by staying indoors and being ‘put out of our comfort zone’ for a few weeks, is the best way to flatten the curve of mass infection and transmission of this virus.

I work for both myself as well as in a full-time position. However, I had to decide whether I was going to go to the office or stay with and look after my family. The choice really was quite clear for me and I am glad I chose to work from home, and be with my family.

It s scary, and it is a little uncertain, but this will definitely pass and we need to make sure that we are looking at our best long-term interests as a society and not think it will all end.

I certainly appreciate it is very difficult for some people, who may have been living from paycheque to paycheque, and please know I feel for you and understand your pain.

I was once there and pulled myself out of the hole, so to speak, and realize that we all need to be strong and understanding of each other.

I am committing to writing daily on my blogs and websites to help increase positivity as well as information reports to help us all get through.

I am working today on uploading many more reports to our shop which are designed to help you control your thinking and know that we can not necessarily change what is happening around us, but certainly, we can change how we react to what is happening around us. When we react differently to our core normal, we can concentrate and learn to better handle adversity and also to manage and cope better with the world around us. This is why I have been so fascinated by the developments around the world.

Please feel free to email or contact us, or even to comment.

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