Our Minds are our Thoughts and Our Life

Quite simply put, what we think is what we attract to ourselves- almost with no exception to this rule! In fact- let’s go one step further- what we ‘know’ so firmly, is brought to us in truth and clarity with tangibility.

Thoughts are our Life and Return

I know it is for some reason, easy for us when we are down or depressed to think of the worst, because it takes less work and effort than that required to be positive and put a positive spin on things.

However, when we apply the teachings of past mind masters, and learn about pure thought and mental process, we are able to become deeply appreciative and see through clear.

Let me explain further…

I have demonstrated to myself on numerous occasions, that when I not only believe, through deep visualisation, but actually have formed a deep specific view and knowledge that something will turn out a certain way, processes are put into force in the ether to bring it about and so occur.

This may seem very unusual to the casual reader who has not read of this phenomenon before, but it can certainly be proven to be very effective, not only for me but for many before me too.

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