Our New Report on Lotto & Slots

My new Super Lotto-Slots program is now complete and the initial testing has been done.  It is in effect a double program so you will receive two of the very latest concepts in one email package.

These two programs are the final result of many years of research into lotto and slots.

Not only that, but due to the time of year, I have decided to create a coupon code to provide a fifty percent reduction in price for everything on the Mind Research Group Website for a period of a few months.

The Code is covid19

Everything will display at the normal price and in the Total column, the price will drop by 50% when you use the coupon code above.

This is to make my reports as affordable to people right now, in these uncertain times.

In fact, I’m personally so confident about making money out of these that as from this Friday I am going to take a 3 month holiday and just hang around Perth visiting the local casino and playing Oz lotto online. Over the past 5 weeks, I am $4,100 ahead in slots and have had 11 small lotto wins. Both processes are clearly showing a profit.

I will be checking emails and Facebook each day for orders but won’t be writing anything new. Basically, all I’ll be doing in the way of “work” is processing the incoming orders and emailing the program out.

If this process works as well as I think it will then I will totally retire and use the two systems to make a retirement living. Sort of a gambling “superannuation!”

Do you dream about winning a major lotto or slots jackpot? Do thoughts about this regularly infiltrate your consciousness? Are you fully aware that your subconscious mind totally controls your inherent luck?  Do you fantasize about what you would do with such a windfall?

The amazing thing is that those individuals who seriously contemplate such a prize often capture such a windfall.  This has been documented many times.

It happened because they fed their desires into the universal mind with serious dedication, intent, and emotion. Many of these winners have stated that they daydreamed regularly about a win.

Daydreaming can be a highly emotive experience and can manifest itself as being very lifelike.

What my beta team here in Vanuatu has been researching for the past 2 months is a way to capture serious prizes on both lotto and slot machines.

It looks like we will end up with a dual product……. one leg of which is dedicated to the lotto while the other leg is dedicated to the slots. But both will be presented as one single sales package so you will receive two products in one package.

I intend to market this program worldwide once it is established at around AUD$290. I’m fairly certain there will be a lot of sales even at this price. In the meantime, I will offer this on a Beta-testing basis at $79.  So if you are hanging out for an early copy and are prepared to supply feedback so I can share it then you can have a copy for $79. At this point, the whole program takes up about 28 A4 size pages and is reasonably elaborate but dead easy to follow.  A number of the process described will be new to you and one might even raise your eyebrows a bit because it is so very different and original!

The links for the lotto slots program are here.

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