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Hi Friends,

As I’m getting older (will be 77 soon) and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be around I decided to take several client’s suggestions and compile all my lifetime of research material into “Legacy” packs.  During the process of compiling it all, I discovered a “Remote Hypnosis” program that I had forgotten all about. (More about this shortly).

This material will be valid for your children and grandchildren 20 years from now and I’m going to suggest something that I’ve never suggested before…….  I’m going to suggest after you purchase your pack you copy it to CD (Maybe make a simple cover with ‘James Coyle Legacy Pack #1’ on it) and give it away to family and friends as possibly valuable gifts. (Could save you $100 or more in the cost of birthday, anniversary and Xmas gifts).

The reason for this is that I don’t want this info to fade away into oblivion….  I want to improve the quality of people’s lives! After all it’s taken me 30+ years of research!

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Carries on from where “Teach Yourself Remote Influencing” left off. I’ve included the full version of this Influencing book with this program so you can read the background.

Then it shows you the technique required for the Remote Hypnosis procedure.

It teaches you some highly unusual techniques to affect individuals and also groups of strangers.

My development staff told me that the effect is about twice as powerful as the original Influencing program. They were highly impressed with the results!

This is a brand new program that I have not published before.

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