Prosperity Prayer and the Importance of Desire for a Prosperity Consciousness

Prosperity Prayer and the Importance of Desire for a Prosperity Consciousness

Prosperity Prayer and the Importance of Desire for a Prosperity Consciousness
By Dr. Toni LaMotta

Creating a prosperity consciousness is a life-long task. Most of us have been taught to be self-less and so, we often consider that any desire we have might be a selfish one. Many people I have known have simply shut down their desires. A true prosperity consciousness requires that we know what we want and desire it. The secret is in desiring it not for yourself alone but for the sake of sharing with others.

Catherine Ponder, in her book “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity”, quoted Dr. Emily Cady, who wrote: “Desire is God tapping at the door of your mind, trying to give you greater good.” [ Dr. Cady was a physician and a Unity Teacher.]

I find this a very consoling and supportive position, for too many times we belittle our desires, thinking they are selfish. You know, the old BS (Belief System) that we’ve been taught…..You want too much; be satisfied with what you have, because there are so many who have so much less, blah, blah, blah. If we believe that Dr. Cady was correct, we may have frustrated God as IT was trying to give us a greater good. We turned our backs on God’s presence at our “door”, our mind. Poor God!

Ernest Holmes, in the Science of Mind Text had many opinions about desires. Here is just one:

“In gladness, then, we should make known our desires, and in confidence we should wait upon the Perfect Law to manifest through us.” SM 272,1

Now THAT is really comforting because not only are we to pay attention to our desires but the Creative Law is ready to manifest what we want. Such a deal!!

With that in our Belief System, let us USE the Law so we can experience the desires of our hearts and souls! What follows is a prosperity prayer. Use it often, modify it to make it more personal, and watch the effects in your life.

The Mind of God, that over-abiding Presence is in and as all things, because It is The Source, the ONLY Source. It has created out of Itself all that is, therefore each one of us is one of those creations. We not only come from God, but we are God Substance, so what is true of God is true about us. The desires we have, to express and expand our lives, is God attempting to show us the greater good that is waiting for our acceptance. Our desires have a Divine Source!

[I shall now speak in the personal.] Believing beyond any doubt that this is so, I know I can command the Law to bring them into my life. I desire [claim what you want as if you already possess it]. With great joy I accept the wonder-working ability of this Power to bring to me my desire. I also promise myself that from this moment on I shall pay attention to my desires, knowing that God, the Source, has been knocking at my mind/door, so that It can give me the greater good that is waiting for me.

I am so thankful for my desires and the Power that manifests them for me. It is done, and I enjoy the pleasure and peace of acceptance.

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