Reclaim Your Life by Recognizing Prosperity

Reclaim Your Life by Recognizing Prosperity

Reclaim Your Life by Recognizing Prosperity
By Pat Honiotes

As you go through the process of reclaiming your life, is there any possibility that you may be dismissing, ignoring, or discounting some of the prosperity in your life? While, at the same time, desiring, longing for, chasing after and working “really hard” to have more, never seeming to really get it?

There are those who ignore prosperity (usually because it does not look exactly like they think it should look);

  • those that give away prosperity (it is not really what they want);
  • those that do not pay attention to prosperity (maybe because it does not come in exactly the package they wanted);
  • those that “not enough” pieces of prosperity (“But that is not enough to pay the rent.”);
  • and then there are those that do not recognize pieces of prosperity (maybe because it is not in the form of money).

All of this loss of prosperity happens usually because they may have a very narrow definition of prosperity…like only money is prosperous.

You might want to take a few moments to check out your definition of prosperity and see how encompassing it is.

Then there are those who “do” prosperity every single day.

They write and say their affirmations every day.

They choose very carefully the words they say out loud thereby doing the basic law of prosperity…what you radiate out comes back.

They mentally picture what they want every day.

They create a wheel of fortune and look at it every day thereby invoking the imaging law of prosperity.

They give away something or clear something out of their homes and lives every day thinking they are invoking the vacuum law of prosperity.

In other words, they follow all of the rules of prosperity and then wait for their reward.

It is like they put their order in at the desk at Home Depot and are now waiting at the loading ramp to pick it up and take it home.

Unfortunately, that is just not the way it works.

It really works by living prosperously, by “being” prosperous in any given moment.

It is about the spirit of prosperity.

It is about seeing and embracing all prosperity; not just the financial kind.

It is only when you can see and embrace ALL of the prosperity in your life, that is, live the laws of prosperity rather than just following the rules of prosperity, that you will truly begin to reap the benefits of true prosperity…..including financial.

Living the spirit of the laws of prosperity will probably take some practice for most of us.

Consider focusing on you and your possible prosperity for the next 28 days and follow the practice steps below to see how much prosperity you can recognize, accept and embrace in your life.

  • 1. Be open to ALL forms of prosperity, including financial, no matter how large or how small and make a note of it in your journal…..for the next 28 days…..and see what happens.
  • 2. When you wake up in the morning, sit up, clap your hands and say (sing, proclaim, shout) “It is going to be a great day!” Sound silly? Okay…feel silly, sound silly and…..take the action anyway…..for the next 28 days. Does this mean you are going to automatically have a fabulous day? No. It does not. But it will start your day more light hearted, which is more prosperous in itself. Try it, you may be surprised.
  • 3. When you have finished proclaiming a great day, get up, go to the mirror, look into the eyes of the person in the mirror and say, “I love and accept you.” Wink, smile, and give yourself a hug and go on to the rest of your day….for the next 28 days. Notice anything?
  • 4. Be honest with yourself, God, Great Spirit, Universe about how you are feeling….even if you are not feeling particularly prosperous, happy, focused or energetic. Then practice the prosperity techniques and tools embracing and accepting however you feel all at the same time…..for the next 28 days.
  • 5. Surround yourself with the images, the sounds, the smells, the energy that help you focus on your goals, your wants, your dreams, your desires…..for the next 28 days.

This is not about thinking happy thoughts and being positive and everything will be fine.

So, through all of this make sure you stay aware of your reality…..

What is my financial situation?

How can I have it be better?

Is there anything I need to deal with physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually in order to clear the path for my prosperity?

If there is, then take the steps to deal with whatever comes up either within yourself or with your coach……for the next 28 days.

And then you ask yourself why you would not continue this process even after the 28 days!

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