Subconscious Programming

Subconscious programming is a subject I speak of often, given that is is the bedrock of our belief system, and the way we feel about ourselves, and consequently, that which we attract to ourselves.

Luck and the Mind

Put another way, we are able to influence the way our lives are and the way we attract things to ourselves- both positive and negative, based on the way we speak and feel as well as think of ourselves. Taking this step a little further, when we know that we are special and capable, we are able to attract more good things to ourselves. This includes what others often refer to as luck.

It is absolutely up to us to make sure that we are always reading, learning and studying in the sphere of personal development. Ultimately, we are only as good as the books, reports and studies that we read and the people that we spend time with.

Who are you spending time with to make sure you are at your very best?

I encourage you to always be looking at new material for personal development as my study and learnings have brought me to the point I am, after many years of research. It did not happen over night and is unlikely to for anyone else.

I invite you to look through our list of reports and see what tickles your fancy to start or continue on this journey of self discovery.

The Feel Good and Teach Yourself Luck Program is available here.

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